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Bridge Explorers: Jacqueline Otite

Jacqueline invited people to have fun with friends and family by building a balloon bridge! Working with CBD, balloon bridge kits were distributed about the area, which people turned into their own bridge sculptures.


Meet the balloon bridge builders of Barking and Dagenham!

Thank you for the balloon bridge kit. My husband and I made it today. We are still shielding due to coronavirus and it was nice to have something different to do. We look forward to seeing other balloon bridges, including the one made by our daughter and granddaughter when they have completed it.
Janet and Alf Chipperfield.

The whole family got involved. It was fun, exciting and rewarding... Thank you for challenge us in something we have never done before and we are looking forward to the next craft.

The balloon bridge for me symbolises resilience, not only in assembling it with 2 kids and a cat, but working together as a family... Our balloon sculpture is wonky, not equal and we've improvised quite a bit but the result is amazing.
Paula, Ana and Eric 

It was such lovely experience to do the balloon bridge. As it takes team work I did with my kids. They really enjoyed doing it. They were laughing and shouting till we made it. Thank you so much for the effort. It decorated my house like a festival. 


Jacqueline Otite is a mother of three children and has been a resident of Barking and Dagenham for over 20 years. She is a qualified Balloon Artist and passionate about creating inspirational balloon designs. 

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