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Building Bridges

In the week prior to the bridge appearing in town, local people come together for a host of bridge-building activity.

Community groups, schools, businesses and individuals are invited to build their own bridges using one of our Bridge Kits.

Imagineer's Bridge Kit is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s design for a self-supporting bridge. It can be built by anyone of any age and experience in less than two hours.

See the bridges built around Grantham and Coventry during summer 2019. 

The bridge kits provide the inspiration for our next project, Bridge2Bamboo.

A group of 9 people stand in front of a bridge they have made using wooden poles, called a Da Vinci mathematical bridge. It it self-supporting, and uses no nails or screws to stay up.
Local people are invited to have a go at building their own bridge

A woman wearing a denim skirt, white t-shirt and hard hat walks across the self-supporting bridge, whilst a member of the Imagineer team look on, ready to help her if she needs it. She has her arms wide to help balance, and is beaming with fun.
The self-supporting bridge can hold the weight of several grown adults

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