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Dagenham bridge-builders

Our bridge-building team was out and about in Barking & Dagenham in July 2021, challenging people to have a go at building their own self-supporting bridge, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's design. The bridge-builders of Dagenham had a chance to work alongside people they wouldn't normally meet - an opportunity given extra meaning as we emerge out of lockdown. 

In an urban park, a group of men attempt to put together a self-supporting bridge made of wooden poles. They are wearing high-vis jackets and face masks.
A team of bridge-builders insert the first poles of their self-supporting bridge

6 people are sitting on or around a self-supporting bridge made of wooden poles. They have their hands in the air in celebration. The bridge is holding their weight despite not having any glue or nails to hold it together!
The fully-constructed bridge can hold the weight of several adults

A group of adults and children are perched in and around the self-supporting bridge, all in celebration at their efforts. A pop-up sign that reads BRIDGE is infront of the bridge.
Bridge-building gives a chance for the community to come together

A boy aged around 10 years balances his way across the self-supporting bridge, with an onlooker ready to help should he lose his balance
It can also challenge us to try something new!

School children climb over a self-supporting bridge, guided by their teacher.
School children took part in bridge-building activity

Two people stand in front of the self-supporting bridge. They are striking a pose, hands in the air and hips jutting to one side. Behind them are children and families having fun around the bridge.
And the best bit...building bridges is fun!

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