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Creative Team

Orit Azaz Artistic Director

Dan Potra Designer

Corey Baker Choreographer

Nick Walker Writer

Paul Evans Circus Director

Peter Reynolds Composer & Music Director

Arnim Friess Lighting Designer 

Claire Maddocks Creative Producer



Craig Dagostino

Tiago Fonseca

Sean Kempton

Ericson Mitchell

Laura Moy

Arthur Parsons

Lucie Roux

Rachel Schiffer

Louiseanne Wong


Engineering & Fabrication

Tarn Aitken Circus Rigging Consultant

Neal Fletcher Structural Engineer

Bay Productions Fabricator


Bridge Programme

Jane Hytch Chief Executive, Imagineer

Lou Lomas Associate Producer and Project Manager, Coventry

Simon Hollingworth Project Manager, Grantham

Jess Pinson Project Manager, Coventry, and News Room Producer

Elaine Knight Project Manager, Worcester

Steve Boffy Project Manager, Worcester


Bursary Producers

Martina Bussi
Rosie Clements
Claire Carrington
Diandra McCalla
Nicole Roman
Grace Smith
Georgina Weller

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