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Bridge is an ambitious outdoor experience produced by Coventry-based Imagineer Productions.

The Bridge

A bridge appears in the centre of town. It is the setting for a programme of free pop-up events and happenings, ending in an exhilarating live performance with an international cast.

A broken bridge is in a busy city-centre square. It is surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. Below the bridge, Sikh dancers perform in blue costume with orange turbans.

A broken bridge appears in town and is the focus for three days of events

Daytime - Under the Bridge

During the day, visitors to the Bridge can enjoy a programme of free events Under the Bridge, including performances, conversations and workshops from the local artistic community.

Join in the immersive headphones experience Changing Sides. Take a pair of headphones, and listen as you discover how the bridge came to be broken and a community divided. You’ll be encouraged to move around a little and interact with other people – socially distanced – in this fun new take on story-telling. Changing Sides is captioned for those who are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Take a seat under the bridge to listen to the Bridge Stories podcast, our collection of stories of bridge-building and bridge-burning, collected by the people of Barking and Dagenham during 2020. 

You're also invited to Put Yourself in the Picture with some nifty creative photography! Can you find fun ways to bridge the gap in the bridge using a camera and a little invention? We’ll be there to help.

An actor dressed in high-vis jacket and overalls raises his hands to the crowd whilst pulling a funny expression. Behind him a lady copies his action. They are surrounded by musicians and audiences. People are smiling.

Under the broken bridge, a group of 15 people are wearing headphones and running around in a circle.

During the day the Bridge is home to fun performances and an interactive free headphones experience 


Evening - Bridge performance

Bridge culminates in an extraordinary evening performance, with an international cast of performers. With gravity-defying circus acrobatics, parkour, theatre and live music, some unusually agile engineers attempt to bridge the gap and find it much, much harder than they thought.

It is nighttime and the broken bridge is dramatically lit in blue. Actors are at the top of the bridge, looking down as a shower of paper scatters to the ground. A large audience looks on at the performance.

An acrobat lies on a ladder suspended on the broken bridge several feet above the ground

A young girl sits on her dad's shoulders, looking over the crowd as a performance begins. The bridge is colourfully lit.

Bridge culminates in a spectular night-time performance


Bridge Building

In each town, local people make their own bridges and share stories of bridge-building (and bridge-burning). People and groups who wouldn't normally meet are invited to assemble a large self-supporting bridge, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s design. Visit Building Bridges to find out more.

A group of people pose next to a bridge made of wooden poles. They are on a sports pitch. There is a banner and flags that read Bridge.

The Leonardo da Vinci bridge kit is available to community groups

This article about Bridge, published by Burning Man (USA), gives more insight into the project and our aims fo the future.

Bridge is created by artistic director Orit Azaz in collaboration with a creative team that includes designer Dan Potra, choreographer Corey Baker, writer Nick Walker, composer Peter Reynolds and circus director Paul Evans.  

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